Porsche Macan: Evoque? What Evoque?

The Porsche Macan is the latest entrant to the mid-size premium SUV market. It’s also super quick and rather good looking. Does that take the shine off the R…

25 thoughts on “Porsche Macan: Evoque? What Evoque?

  1. flyingphoenix113

    Cheaper Jeep SRT8 all day long. The Macan just isn’t an SUV. Dimension
    wise, maybe. But off-road wise, no.

  2. sugarsaint

    well spoken lad, no bloated gibberish and STUPID contrived american
    giggles.(matt farah apart) he originated the giggles 

  3. ianiva

    This is no doubt a great car but I’d prefer the Evoque. It’s prettier and
    most importantly, if I want to buy an SUV I’ll buy a proper SUV. If I want
    to buy a sportscar I’ll buy a proper sportscar. Nothing in between.

  4. Porsche 919 Hybrid

    2:35 Love that you shit on Walker’s fanboys. Like this host even more now

  5. Alfred van Kuik

    I’d still get an Evoque, just because it looks a thousand times better :)

  6. TheTonicro

    great car but i just can’t see why would i choose over something like 335i
    touring or similar, no one ever goes off-roading anyway

  7. Lu-Hiep Phan

    I’m still not sure if the extensive rework of the Q5 platform makes it
    worth the price hike for me. But it sure looks good enough. 

  8. Christopher Storm

    the Porsche is obviously faster, very capable, quality etc. but the Evoque
    is still a better looking car. the Porsche SUV’s are just not good looking
    at all.

  9. Powaup

    If I get a Macan will I need to switch to snow tires when I want to go to
    the snow or will the stock tires do fine? I love this car saw it at the LA
    auto show, will probably get one in 5 years or so. Perfect family car but
    for now I do not have a family and will enjoy the M4 :)

  10. sootyferrari65

    Buy an Evogue. It’s cheaper, much better looking, more refined, has a nicer
    interior, more practical, more efficient and it’s British 

  11. Scrustle

    Looks better than the Cayenne, but still pretty ugly. The Evoque looks way
    better. It looks like some futuristic moon buggy thing.

    But I don’t really like any of this kind of car. They seem pretty pointless
    to me. I can see why they’re popular, but if I was looking for what they’re
    supposed to offer in a car, I’d go for something totally different.

  12. goatmonkey2112

    It will be funny if early Macans, Cayennes, and Panameras become popular
    classics someday. 

  13. EpochOfReason1

    I spent months meticulously comparing, researching and test driving every
    high performance SUV in the market place and ended up with the 2014
    Infiniti QX70S V8. It was just outstanding in every way and half the price
    of it’s closest competitive rivals the Merc ML500, Audi Q7 4.2, BMW X5 xD50
    and Porsche Macan Turbo.

    I also tried some Range Rovers but I’m hesitant to put them in the same
    category because they actually perform well off-road, Rovers are somewhat
    in a class of their own. I tried the Lexus RX430 as well, but as you know
    it’s not a performance car. It’s soft, subtle, quiet, but handles like a
    boat…. 🙂

    The Q5 TDI was awesome, but I felt that it was boring and lacked identity;
    an incredible piece of engineering but just woefully uninteresting and
    bland. The BMW X cars are just hideous in my opinion, and severely
    overpriced. Merc was a solid car, but didn’t have the driving dynamic that
    I was used to coming from a BMW E39 M5. Admittedly the Macan was not yet
    available to test drive, yet I felt that a comparable Cayenne Turbo would
    be a good representation of what the car would be like.

    The Porsche is a superior car, nobody can argue that. But by the time I had
    fitted the car with all of the options to match the QX70’s list of standard
    features the car was almost three times the price of the Infiniti. It
    became apparent that I was paying more so for the brand than anything else.
    I don’t care what anyone says; the Infinities build quality and interior
    design was far better than the BMW and the Merc; but no quite as nice as
    the Porsche, Volvo or the Lexus.

    All I can say is I love my Infiniti! I’m excited to drive it every day and
    when I do I feel like the car is eager to make me an active part of the
    experience, engaged and attentive in the driving dynamic. VS the Mercedes
    and even the Volvo XC60, where I felt like a passenger even when I was
    behind the wheel. Also, when I park the car I just can’t help but look over
    my shoulder in owe of it’s design. Such defines the experience, if you can
    walk away without looking back; you bought the wrong car.

    If money was of no consequence, I’d likely have bought the Macan. But with
    that said, I’m currently in the process of fitting a stage three turbo kit
    to my QX70S with a small fraction of the money I’ve saved. When my QX70RS
    is around, a Macan won’t get the time of day; only in my rear view.

    JDM to the luxury extreme.


  14. TheEasyontheeyes

    Porsche has fucked their image.first the boxster that looks like the
    911…that fucked the 911 super car image forever , now this ..so sad to
    see a company fuck itself so bad.

  15. Audiwan Kenobi

    i’d like to c a range rover sedan…..something n the same class as the wrx
    & evo.

  16. FlyingAero

    Love this car. If I was ever going to get utility vehicle of any kind Id
    want this

  17. Brian Carless

    Forget what u heard. I aint no automotive expert just an enthusiast, I am
    liking this baby cayenne.

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