Top 5 mid-sized sedans reviewed, driven and tested

Top 5 mid-sized sedans reviewed, driven and tested ) What’s the best mid-sized sedan that you can buy today? We at The fast Lane car are lucky to drive a different car every week so we…
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25 thoughts on “Top 5 mid-sized sedans reviewed, driven and tested

  1. Roman Ash

    i drive the new Passat 2.5 and am extremely disappointed. unlike the
    previous one (which i also drove) this one feels cheap, cruise control is
    awful. almost 30k kilometers on it and all the interior rattles, steering
    is empty on center. im getting the Subaru any moment now.

  2. TobiasJDK

    The can’t spell Tennessee and they can’t spell Volkswagen. And, they like
    the Chrysler 200. What a joke – UNSUBSCRIBE

  3. Robert Lyons

    Honestly, I feel less informed now that I watched this review. The first
    few minutes were completely useless – talking about your grumpy uncle and
    ice-cream? The Altima is plain, just like the plain white color, I get it.
    But just say that and move on. Theres more important things us parents of
    2.5 kids have on our minds.
    Once the viewer gets past all that nonsense, you start comparing a subaru
    legacy to a WRX STI… wtf? are you guys ok? This is supposed to be a
    FAMILY SEDAN comparison. We are looking for such silly things as, oh, I
    don’t know, back seat space. Will we fit comfortably with our 2.5 kids?
    Fuel economy. Trunk space. Ride comfort and quality. Interior materials.
    Options. Handling. Braking. See? Basics. Because I guess we are just basic

  4. RivalBro

    I’ve been looking for a car to buy since 3 months now, a LOT of choices out
    there, but I had enough, from all the reviews and test drives I’ve done,
    I’m getting the Legacy, I get AWD for the same price as the competition and
    they are also throwing in a full body kit with a spoiler because of me
    demonstrating knowledge for their cars and making the manager happy with a
    STi test drive, he said I drove it like it should be driven. Thanks for the
    decisive evidence TFL!

  5. Jose Antonio Prado

    What year cars is this video for. I have the 2013 altima and its a lot
    nicer than the 2012 you are showing.

  6. Liam McNeice

    @porsche558 its the same deal with volvos. My grandmas 2002 volvo V70-R has
    got over 200,000kms (like 125k miles), and the thing’s still fast and
    really spacious. Funny thing is that our 2009 Audi S4 had two transmission
    changes within 60,000kms. Looks don’t matter, if it;’s a good car, it’s a
    good car lol.

  7. gene978

    Ah Yes Roman, even Motor Trend agrees that the Passat is the “Car of the
    Year” that is one I haven’t test driven yet. Have we tried the Malibu ? Or
    should we wait for the NEW model? I hear the FUSION is also. Nice car now.
    I did test drive on in 07 and thought no way to myself.

  8. madant1977

    I guess americans have no clue about cars. Yeah, VW intentionally crippled
    their main domestic market for US that is used to cheap last gen
    products… just lol

  9. Razor Ghost

    I really don’t give a shit about the spelling. Chrysler is undead. Its now
    on life support by the Fed, unions and the Italians. How bad do cars have
    to be for the Fiat group to improve on it. This 2012 POS is just the same
    and the last one.

  10. ShermanMR2

    Nice work guys. Volkswagens have been getting a lot of positive press these
    days they’re nice looking and fun cars to drive. Just don’t own them for
    more than three or four years though if you do you’ll very quickly find out
    that these are some pretty expensive cars in the nickel and dime you to
    death department. I can attest to that because I have had a few family
    members owning these cars. What a load of garbage they’ve turned out to be.

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