2 thoughts on “2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Automobile Review Luxury 4WD SUV Alabang Philippines BebotsOnly

  1. Marnelle Alvarez Jalandoon

    New Emplloyees should not be included in this type of videos, not only does
    he doesn’t know what to say, he even doesn’t know the vehicle specs. Why
    not include the Branch Manager since it will be more educational not to
    mention beneficial for his branch. (the newbie employee might have mistaken
    FWD as Four Wheel Drive)

  2. Jin Bang

    the only way to find out if its four wheel drive or all wheel drive is to
    check if there is a rear differential which activate the rear wheels
    because this sta fe is a front wheel base drive. and vise versa if its rear
    wheel base drive.:) correct me if im wrong but its basically basic to know

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