2012 Dodge Journey Test Drive & Crossover SUV Review

http://www.autobytel.com/dodge/journey/2012/?id=32972 The 2012 Dodge Journey Crossover has been redesigned and sports a better engine and a better interior. …
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25 thoughts on “2012 Dodge Journey Test Drive & Crossover SUV Review

  1. kodiak1966

    My wife has a Buick rendezvous and we have had nothing but problems since
    day one. We are considering a Journey but the name Dodge scares me.

  2. trumpet12345

    Well, can’t say I’m impressed with most modern car “design”. Looking at
    this, it still is far more pleasing than a Honda Crz or Odyssey.

  3. fidalgo66

    Italians do it better? That’s why this is FUGLY AS HELL. I’ll take anything
    that does not have a “Fix It Again Tony” attachement to it. Fiat 500?
    Another FUGLY car.

  4. Blade Edge

    Is Fiat going to make all of the Chrysler vehicles smaller? I hope not. I’m
    tall and have a family to haul around. Not to mention needing cargo space!
    This is my concern with the new Fiat movement.

  5. jioggernutsmnjhu

    i love it.,,.just a little suggestion for the improvement of the
    design,.,.would you mind,.,.,if it would be more better to lift the engine
    hood(cover)for 4″ and adjust the angle of windshield down for about
    10degress to make it sloper and remove the box look like butt under the

  6. davegbp

    I think these kinds of reviews are helpful but to me the best reviews are
    by actual customers…look for simular problems….I have read many people
    complain about the brakes wearing out quickly..currently I am deciding
    between the Journey and Durango…good luck to all..

  7. Mugwump Kwingwaage

    No MPG. The 4 cyl was under powered because it was paired to a 4 spd auto.

  8. southwardcape

    take the floor panel out of the boot,gives more room.He didnt mention
    about the extra storage under the passengers seat?and storage in the floor
    second row seats?he didnt mention that the second row seats pop out as
    booster seats for the kids,and the rear doors open 90 degrees for better
    access into the back.also how the second row seats fold forward easily to
    allow easy access to the third row seats. crap ass review of the
    journey.dont make a review if you cant list the pros and cons

  9. Mauricio Hernandez Z.

    How about the AWD performance and/or “off-road” capabilities. Does it go

  10. gudevl

    Snake oil seller comparing it to Explorer and traverse should be compared
    to ford escape

  11. adm6166

    I’m looking at the 2012 Dodge Journey and the 2012 Jeep Compass Sport. As a
    recent grad I have to go cheap but what is the better vehicle?

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