The New Bentley SUV – The Story So Far

The New Bentley SUV - The Story So Far In developing the world’s first genuine luxury SUV, the design team were faced with more than the creation of a new vehicle. They w…

11 thoughts on “The New Bentley SUV – The Story So Far

  1. JJspitfiremk9

    Because Bentley went yes they’re so little luxury suvs on the market we
    need to make a new one. Haha 

  2. Norm Jones

    I used to hate – I mean, HATE! – the way Range Rover’s looked. Then I
    started “really” looking at them… a lot. Next thing you know I kinda
    started liking them. Now, I own an RR HSE (Supercharged, no less) and
    it’s THE BEST riding vehicle I’ve ever had the pleasure of riding in! I
    mean, I LOVE IT, inside and out.

    From the 1st looks of this Bentley SUV… I HATE IT! Something about
    the shape – the square front and the angular flare of the rear, wheel well
    – just doesn’t sit well with me. The design seems forced, like it’s 2
    vehicles meshed into one, rather than just one, well-designed vehicle with
    inspirations from multiple sources.

    The good news is, I feel myself wanting to like this vehicle, I really
    do, but i just can’t get there. At least, not yet.

    Wonder how I will feel about it once I’ve looked at it for a while, and/or
    have seen it up close and in person? Hmmmmm… 

  3. Pete Townsend

    I’m sorry but is a video made up of cut aways of designers moving mouses
    around supposed to make me excited about your new car. Sorry Bentley I’m
    sticking with my Range Rover. 

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