Comparison Test: Midsize Sedan Shootout

Comparison Test: Midsize Sedan Shootout

Whether you’re looking for style, comfort, or lots of features, any of today’s mainstream mid-size four-doors will probably fit the bill. But which one does …
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25 thoughts on “Comparison Test: Midsize Sedan Shootout

  1. Pohanka Honda Of Salisbury

    *From Sleek and Stylish to Fuel-Efficient and Roomy: Three Reason to Buy a
    Midsize #sedan *

    You can try to justify purchasing a small SUV or a compact sedan, but the
    truth is a midsize sedan balances what you like in those other two body
    styles. The Accord is the most popular midsize sedan at our #maryland +
    Honda dealership, and the video below proves why. Need more convincing?
    Then read:

  2. lynksis12

    The interior of the Camry looks amazing! Not too much, not too little. I
    don’t know why car reviewers always say it looks bland…

  3. John Wayne

    MSRP for Passat TDI with a 6 speed manual starts at 26,225. That is $225
    over the price cutoff for the test before upgrading it with an automatic.

  4. John Wayne

    Bland? When driving I hate having to look at the dials bc if I do, then the
    engineers did a poor job designing it.gauges are clear and easy to
    read,dials are large, intuitively placed so that I can adjust them purely
    by feel without having to take my eyes off the road. Not everyone wants a
    fighter jet cockpit loaded with multifunction touch screens that will
    probably fail long before the powertrain does or flashy
    chrome/wood/aluminum trim that increases cost and driver distraction

  5. infojamboree

    I knew the Accord was going to win. They are awesome cars. Ford is still
    playing catch up…lol

  6. canddmeyer

    Not one of MW’s better reviews. MW kept harping on price despite it meeting
    their entry requirement. MW needed to talk about what each vehicle did
    best, and they failed, miserably.

  7. John Wayne

    You weren’t listening. 1:14 The passat could not meet the 26K price point
    AND still get the required 28 mpg. VW fucked themselves. The 5cyl lowers
    prices but also lowers the fuel economy compared to the 2.0 turbo or
    diesel. The passat deserves a better engine than the 5 cylinder.

  8. John Wayne

    Yes, if the dials are too small or require that you look at them to use
    them (ahem, touch screens), they could increase accidents.

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