SPONSORED BY JEEP: Jackson Hole SUV Challenge – Safety Challenge

4 days. 5 SUVs. 10 enthusiasts. Be the first to find out what happened when we gave a group of Car and Driver enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the a…
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25 thoughts on “SPONSORED BY JEEP: Jackson Hole SUV Challenge – Safety Challenge

  1. TJBellamy99

    The Jeep Cherokee is a good SUV. But these people are being biased and
    putting favor towards Jeep because its sponsored by Jeep. If it was
    sponsored by one of the other manufacturers than those people would have
    been favoring that particular SUV.

  2. tubilar111

    Disliked! This is one of the most retarded biased car video I’ve ever seen!
    Heck, that Jeep looks the worst of the bunch.

  3. bezor Ta

    I don’t mined adds, it’s a way to increase income for your other stuff. But
    stupid, way over the top bias adds is not the way to go. At least the BMW
    adds were a bit informative. Not like these Jeep adds. It’s like if a kid
    did them: “our car is much better than any other car in the world, it has
    cruise control which no other car has”.

  4. Ionut Mosteanu

    Goood SUV. I believe that the off-road capability is much better compared
    to the Honda, Toyota and Ford, but now I am a little puzzled by this video
    in CD channel. What this teaches us is that this SUV is a good city car as
    it can stop by itself when you have your StarBucks/’Dunkin/McDonalds coffee
    in the morning and you don’t care about the traffic in front. I think that
    it should check which of the cars can break better under stress situation.
    I am sure that a weak break of 180ft from 70mph is smoother then 160ft from
    70- but is it safer? My take- if you plan to take the off road way to work
    in the morning rush- buy the Jeep; if not buy something with 2wd, good
    winter tires and excellent gas mileage and better priced. I drive a VW
    diesel and I had no problems in the NE USA blizzard yesterday (yes- winter
    tires on it). I owned 2 SUVs and I was unhappy about the blend- not
    completely comfortable on the road, not completely competent on the off
    road… Biased or not I don’t like the idea on the video…

  5. Drogos79

    honda is “twichy”, toyota is “jerky”, ford is “jerky” too and you weren’t
    able to drive them smoothly in stop’n’go……buhahahahaha. Already
    unsubscribed just having my last laugh. Absolutely pathetic.

  6. WarEagle33x

    Paid advertising and paid actors. I mean, who the fuck complains so much
    about a car’s brakes in the matter of a couple of hours? Nobody, unless
    they are being paid to do so.

  7. sean cannon

    I understand you gotta pay the bills & this is a paid for ad but really?! I
    own a jeep & I found this “challenge” ridiculous & insulting to one’s
    intelligence, I love my jeep & so do lots of other people, if you want to
    attract more buyers say what’s good about the Jeep & nix the brand bashing,
    C & D, you really put your credibility in jeopardy putting your name on
    this one & jeep, you should be ashamed for such a cheesey ad campaign


  8. MrSharingINFO

    So one thing I have learnt here from this video was that this group of
    morons did not know how to drive safely…

  9. Kenneth john

    seriously jeep id would love to slap your design team …. most fuglist
    design ever.. stop destroying the jeep name please…..

  10. Motch Moore

    Jeep you idiots. You compare your $35,000 Jeep limited to under $30,000
    import competitors? 

  11. Dat Carguy

    I watch and read C&D to get good unbiased info on the best and worst car
    out there. all I can say is do this one more time let’s see how meny
    subscribers you have.
    ps- jeep designers america may be a melting pot but that does not mean you
    need to combine jewish and asian cultures together.

  12. BH Thundercloud

    Subaru also offers this. What about the mazda? Doesn’t that also offer

  13. Nicolae Ilesov

    OMG so much bullshit in 2 min. And I bet that blonde knows a lot about cars

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