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25 thoughts on “Hyundai ix35 SUV 2013 review – CarBuyer

  1. Graham Reid

    The Mazda is £4k more than the Hyundai come on compare it to a similar
    priced car!! 

  2. Mr11ESSE111

    Looks cheap,plastic,and Korean ugly and he is not so cheap at all,
    performance of ix35 are relativ bad even with strongest engine in compare
    to competition with weaker engines.

  3. RetroGamerVX

    What happened to the sound quality in the cimmentry? It sounds terrible 🙁
    nice car though :)

  4. xBuzz996


    Hie-N-Die XD

  5. Scott Kilgour

    I bought an IX35 a few months ago and its the Premium model. Just over a
    year old now and well, of course, you can nit pick through the car and find
    fault but on the whole, its a good sensible and reliable car. We get
    nearly 500 miles with a full tank. It has all the toys for boys and with
    the panoramic roof, blue tooth, voice controlled dashboard. It has the
    full sized wheel in it and my wife loves the high driving position. Its
    the 1.7 diesel model and fuel consumption again, is good. We do like it
    and will have it for a few years.

  6. light487

    I’d like to see a feature comparison between the ix35 and the Kia
    Sportage.. both essentially the same car but with some differences
    obviously.. but I’d like a proper independent comparison between the two if
    you could.

  7. ZeGeRiVeNz

    Although I’m not a fan of Korean cars, I’ve got to give them to you when
    they put a regular-size spare wheel there, because it’s something I love
    (which implies I hate space-saver wheels) and most brand don’t sell
    regular-sized spare wheels anymore, or it’s an extra.

  8. lffit

    Hyundai’s often fall short in areas of handling and I am not so sure how
    good they are in crash tests?
    Because two models in the US the other being a Kia recently did badly.

  9. wtrdogg20

    I think the Tucson/ix35 is already getting old… The competition is strong
    and I feel this car is not delivering anymore. In terms of safety, it does
    good, except for the latest small frontal offset crash test, where many
    other brands (like Toyota), including premium brands are not doing well.
    Only few brands like Subaru and Volvo did good for all their models on that
    demanding crash test.
    But I think this car must be replaced already… It cousin, the Kia
    Sportage, seems like a better option and it still looks more stylish.

  10. stevevv

    Car buyer and Mat are one of the best car reviewers on youtube down to
    earth tell it how it is style

  11. Luke Mallory

    Drove a 3.3 V6 Sonata in Vegas a few years ago. Bit of a sleeper..! This
    new curvy funky styling etc. is a bit blehh.

  12. Channel K Billan

    I think the Hyundai is a good car but the wheels look to small for the car
    from the side. Its competitor, the Mazda, definitely looks more stylish.
    The dash does not look good either.

  13. Stereoguy

    After getting hit by the ugly stick so many times it just screams HELP! The
    interior says that it likes 80’s music. 

  14. Marcus Aurelius

    Everyone here only likes german premium SUVs that cant afford, or buy cheap
    used german SUVs that soon need be repaired. Mazda is like 30k euro and
    this one, at the same specs is 24k euro. It is more reliable than a german
    SUV and of course cheaper to maintain. Considering that Insurance, gas and
    taxes are becoming so damn high, this car is perfect. Its just my opinion.

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