Consumer Reports 2014 Top Pick cars

Consumer Reports names its top choices in ten categories, from small cars to family sedans, SUVs and pickup trucks. Check out our complete autos coverage: ht…
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24 thoughts on “Consumer Reports 2014 Top Pick cars

  1. pedrof830

    You chose Audi even though you state that reliability is important and
    taken into consideration, ditto for the BMW 328.

  2. stop asking me to change my name!

    Subaru Impreza ???? Most reviews put the Impreza at the bottom of the
    compact car segment.

  3. zone07

    I was going to say,”What no Tesla Type S.” I would get the one with the
    $60,000 price tag though. 

  4. Roy Diedesch

    The Tesla is junk. I’ve driven a few and they are very quick, but have a
    junk interior. It’s weird. Feels like a truck seating position and just
    very plain and minimalist.

  5. Nismo Kid

    No GMs, probably because of the recalls. 13 deaths because of this GM
    ignition issues and air bag failures. It’s best not to take a chance, I’ll
    buy me a Nissan instead.

  6. Alex Jacobson

    If anybody has been reading the long term review on edmunds for the tesla
    model s, you would know that it’s on it’s THIRD powertrain.. Great car?
    Sure, but that thing seems to be littered with issues so far..

  7. Winter is Coming

    I’m surprised the Mazda 3 didn’t take the best compact category. From what
    I’ve read it’s driving dynamics are unmatched for the category while also
    excelling at efficiency. After sitting in both these cars recently at the
    Toronto Auto show, the cabin interior in the Mazda looked and felt as
    though it were a class above the Impreza. Also as a 6’6” guy, I couldn’t
    comfortably fit in the Subaru, where as the Mazda offered plenty of front
    seat room, even with the an optional sunroof. 

  8. D0nQuix0te

    Tesla?? Come on guys. I thought you had sense. When didn’t you pick a real
    world car everyday people can afford and use. Makes no sense why you would
    pick a $90,000 car. 

  9. k domster

    Laughable, as usual Consumer Report lives on its own planet . Poor
    argumentation , questionable picks to say the least… always trying to by
    any chance not to follow majority of car media… So here we have it ,
    their choices and meaning less awards… 

  10. 93455Driver

    I think the Subie Impreza is a good car, but down on power (I think 148hp)
    compared with others. Crazily for a bit more $ than that Premium, you get
    the WRX which has a stonking 268hp and is the sub $30,000 value rocket. Not
    gonna say that the Tesla is a bad car, but please how many of your
    readership can afford or will ever drive one of these vehicles. What is
    more, the Tesla is punt since as yet we do not know much on the longevity
    of their battery tech (though admitted larger battery, longer warranty I

  11. mb013962

    I thought a lot of the accords from the past were known for transmission
    issues and failures

  12. Tech Defender

    I agree on everything but the mid sized suv I think it should have been the
    Durango or the highlander 

  13. D0nQuix0te

    just got this message from DTS? whoever that is

    Actually, Consumer Reports conducted a survey so it was the people that
    chose the car. And its $70,000 so its about the price of an E Class
    Mercedes. ”

    so who is this video called “Consumer Reports Top Picks” if it was ” the
    people” that chose the car? also, if you look at the video it says price as
    tested $89,0000. 

  14. gianmario pighin

    More biased reviews, how can you choose the best ? All cars have pros and
    cons, its best to rate and pick them in groups rather than having a single
    stand out.

  15. dave dunn

    Im not impressed to know all consumer reports based their reliability
    studies in is owners biased feedback. 

  16. nateawzom13

    I ok get it. I’ve had a mazda protege for 15 years and the ride was
    comparable to the brand ford focus and you say it has a good ride but the
    mazda 3 doesnt

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