Lux SUVs – Diesel Vs Hybrid Comparo – Part 2

Lux SUVs - Diesel Vs Hybrid Comparo - Part 2

We finally pick a winner in our Diesel Vs Hybrid Luxury SUV comparison test. Part 2 of 2.

25 thoughts on “Lux SUVs – Diesel Vs Hybrid Comparo – Part 2

  1. gogors4

    None of these cars will ever do serious off-roading. What these cars will
    do is go pick up kids from schools and park next to the local Starbucks and
    do some shopping at the mall. And lets face it, to the rich ladies(and some
    gents) that will drive them the bage will be the deciding factor. And they
    will go for Merc/BMW first then Lexus and maybe a Cayenne(3d because of the
    price) not a Q7 or a Tuareg.

  2. jctevere

    Is anyone else as shocked as I was that they threw in the VW into the
    Luxury SUV segment, but also picked it as the winner? Why didn’t they use
    the Audi Q7 TDI for the test? The Volkswagen is not luxury, I test drove it
    because of its attractive price/features, the ride was terrible, and the
    interior materials used were crap. I think that the ML and the Lexus should
    be tied for first, followed by the X5, then the touareg last – I mean, it
    has the least torque/hp and the worst fuel economy…

  3. Roy Zarokyan

    bullshit i thought bmw would kick all of them asses just bc its more
    simpilier it came last?? who really uses all tht technology on a daily
    bases and who goes offroading everyday??

  4. Hada Cakraningrat

    I agree with you.. we need to convert most Americans’ mindset toward using
    Diesels instead of using Hybrids yuck!, just like what the Europeans do for
    almost a decade…. Diesel provides very high torque and grunt, really suit
    Highway driving, which is something that most Americans do, daily…..

  5. kamikuzukonran

    lol VOLKSWAGEN # 1 beat mercedes and bmw and lexus but after this video
    most likely had an electric failure and had to towed by either the bmw
    ,lexus, or mercedes.I like vw but they really need to get a different
    supplier for their electric systems and such.seriously its killing them in
    north america

  6. UltraFighter18

    @T0626N Wost MPG so what the vw has more power than the lexus so is logical
    to have a bigger consumption and the difference is only 2.5 mpg ,It doesn’t
    seem that big to me.

  7. Ed D.L.C.

    i wouldnt consider vw to be ‘lux’ i kno they r suv’s but they should still
    be able to get 24 mpg which none get to

  8. sraleigh6

    The reason they Audi wasnt thrown in the mix was because essentially its
    nothing but a Touareg as VW owns Audi- also the same reason the Cayene(sp)
    wasnt thrown either because like the Q7 is just a Touareg with a bigger
    turbo. And Ive got say I’m not at all surprise the Treg won, while it may
    not have all the bells and whistles that the Benz has it is however just as
    capable off road if not more so then a hummer H2.. BUT my vote would of
    gone the older Gen 1 Treg with the V10 diesel..

  9. mzb007

    @maxou5757 – Are you stupid? BMW makes the best inline straight six
    engines, and you compare it to the Touraeg? Touareg is a car based on the
    Porsche Cayenne. The best of the bunch is the X5.

  10. bug322

    @T0626N diesel is cheaper as feul that’s why in the end driving is cheaper.
    VW DAS AUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not to mention battery’s die
    out in 5-10 years and are expensive cost u room means extra parts that
    break) Anyway even the new VW tourec hybrid wich combines a diesel owns the
    lexus totally on all aspects. But i would stick to the wonderfull diesel

  11. 8MunchenBayern8

    ok so Toyota put the headlights from the new corolla onto a car that costs
    4 times the price…….the hybrid battery needs to be replaced after 7
    years….thousands of dollars…..and guess what copied IDRIVE….

  12. tdunla3

    @Fussinated You are not lying, being over here in Germany I have seen so
    many BMW’s sitting on the side of the autobahn with flames shooting out of
    the hood that it is not funny. That is like one of those things you might
    see once, but for some reason it is quite common.

  13. Fussinated

    @mybnz190 Oh I not only tell them I am quite aware of this recall issue.
    The sad part is even then, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda are
    most reliable cars even the Germans cars improved and achieved average
    reliability Japanese cars are still better consumer reports. How can you
    beat that? Well, not with a german car of course.

  14. svrle65

    the touareg is very nice suv, there are bmw and mercedes, the lexus can’t
    rated better than bmw and mercedes!!! that’s true with cheese on it

  15. Seattlecarnut

    Of the two, I’d take the VW Touraeg, for its diesel engine and off-road
    capabilities. I don’t mind hybrid technology, but I’d like to see it
    combined with diesel engine rather than gasoline.

  16. Vladcanada

    motor trend is smoking crack, X5 and ML are the best trucks, lexus is ugly
    as hell, yes it gets good miles per gallon but thats where it ends, Tuareg
    is nice suv for offroading, but I’d pick X5 or ML from that group for My

  17. Gabriel Lebre

    Diesel Suck? You said: “you must try the cars before to speak” Have you
    tried the Q7 V12 TDI? Sure not!

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