2015 Jaguar CX-17 Sport SUV – Exterior and Interior Walkaround – 2013 LA Auto Show

2015 Jaguar CX-17 Sport SUV - Exterior and Interior Walkaround - 2013 LA Auto Show

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25 thoughts on “2015 Jaguar CX-17 Sport SUV – Exterior and Interior Walkaround – 2013 LA Auto Show

  1. EatHelloKitty15

    This would be terrible for car seats and children. Are SUVs not supposed to
    be family friendly? I don’t want to drive around in a Honda. 

  2. nicandlucian

    I’ll take mine just the way it is, except in black with no baby car seats
    please, that’s what the other car (minivan) is for thank you.

  3. Jimmy Song


  4. branot89

    It’s sad that people will still buy Porsche Macan instead of this just
    because it’s German

  5. Charley Hawkins

    Jag unfortunately still hasn’t shaken off the unreliability stigma it had
    in the 80’s/90’s that dissolved the brand. Now that it’s Indian owned,
    people may still be hesitant, as people fear what they don’t know. I showed
    this video to my 45 year old friend and his comment?… “Looks nice, but
    Jag is unreliable.” I wonder if the Jag name can pull itself out of the mud

  6. jedw

    Is this kind of amorphous blob what Jaguar thinks people want? Love my
    x308, classic Jags forever.

  7. robert thomas

    this is one of the best suv’s of all time white paint job with racer bucket
    seats…just amazing

  8. Charley Hawkins

    Wow. whoever designed this thing should get a raise. It’s gorgeous. I
    really hope Jag keeps all the exterior the same, especially the lower rear
    fascia lights and headlights. For production, I hope they just delete the
    piano black interior (finger print magnet), make the sunroof a normal
    panorama and ditch the white leather and thinly cushioned seats. I hope
    they keep that same speedo that matches the exhaust. That is totally trick.

  9. Mark Geller

    They will sell a ton of these, once it’s turned down from show trim. This
    is larger than Bimmer X3 and smaller than X5, larger than Q5,, nicer and
    larger than Evoque, it’s a Jag, it will have lot’s of aluminium and give
    you more for your bucks. The Macan? That’s smaller than Q5, has zero back
    seat (I am 6 foot and couldn’t get in with a shoe horn when I tried. Price
    on Macan (for a small premium SUV also silly by the time you add what this
    will have standard for 10’s thousands less. This is a real JAG with real
    value…Bring it.

  10. Grace Miracle

    We are Jaguar Drivers . we own a brand new XF black Jaguar kitted its just
    phenomenal . We love it so all i can say i would love this Jaguar Suv for
    my next car . Does anyone know how much it is in Australian prices . 

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