Five Gear – best4x4 drive SUV

what’s the best 4×4 family car amid theese 10 suv?
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25 thoughts on “Five Gear – best4x4 drive SUV

  1. Teodor Todorov

    Fifth gear have always been a bunch of twats.. There is only one true 4×4
    in the video and that’s the Subaru Forester. 

  2. MakeSh00t

    Hyundai and kia is same thing. What a crap TV. they can not afford 3.5 v6
    and I have it. 2.080kg 0-60 9.8 the kia sorento


    Eu tenho um Kia Sorento 2.5 CRDi 4×4 e pra mim é o melhor de todos .

    Não tem de ser rápido … não é nenhum desportivo…

    12 anos de uso continuo e 0 (zero) avarias. 

  4. bradley villegas

    They forgot to mention that the rav4 gets 30 mpg and the 9th most reliable
    car in the world 2nd most reliable car made by toyota and the first

  5. swewunna

    This review is OLD but probably most unbias and structured British review
    instead of hyping Land Rover unlike some other British reviews. Subaru’s
    have improved since but still caught between two minds ie Off-roader or
    soft-roader. All other cars including Jeep has gone more down the line of
    soft roader adn Land Rover’s reliability is still doubtful although
    performance is not.

  6. Trainboy1EJR

    WHAT!? how dare they not have the Suzuki XL-7 in the test! i have not
    driven a single vehicle that can compete with it! infact, it performed the
    best in the Chicago Traffic Challenge (lots of 0-90mph stuff with sudden
    lane changes), it may only get 12mpg when driven like that, but it is a lot
    better than being one of the 40 dead people over 3 snowy days. the only
    time my mom ever got it stuck was when she drove it off the road into a
    huge ditch with 8 feet of snow in it, and that probably wouldn’t of
    happened if she had it in 4 wheel drive to begin with. however, the o2
    sensors seem to go bad in it every 5 years, other than that there have been
    no problems. it has been hit by so many other vehicles too, you just can’t
    stop a Suzuki! 

  7. godzillat6

    I take the X-trail as well. That lock mode somewhat helps if you’re in the
    mud or in rugged terrain. If I’m a Toyota fan, I’d would go for the old
    school SWB Landcruiser.

  8. Jef Horians

    My ’99 Subaru Forester has more trunk space than my 2006 Toyota Rav4. How
    can they say otherwise?

  9. Y10Q

    what alternate Universe did they do reliability testing where Hyundai is on
    par with Toyota, lol. Hyundai is like the worst reliable car, right next to

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