Hyundai Santa Fe 2014 – Review

Live large in Santa Fe even if your home is in Duluth. Hyundai’s three-row crossover is a very serious competitor. Tom Voelk checks out a loaded Limited mode…

21 thoughts on “Hyundai Santa Fe 2014 – Review

  1. Daniel Sobirov

    Very nice vehicle! Just bought one 2 months ago and so far only
    compliments, no complaints whatsoever!!! Highly recommend!!! 

  2. Hamdan Perkase

    Cost to use korean car in east asia so expensive specially for
    maintainence.Better buy Japanese car in east asia bcs easy to get
    maintainance part!

  3. David Ferrari

    The 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe is America’s best designed and most reliable SUV
    of 2014. Powered by new cutting-edge Hyundai auto technology, the 2014
    Hyundai Santa Fe delivers excellent power, smooth driving and the most
    advanced technological features.


  4. 77rxpharmacy

    +karunald Yes, those seats fold flat. Some seats fold but not completely
    so that the seat back rises at an incline. The seats in the Santa Fe fold
    completely flat.
    But the second row seat backs are elevated above the cargo floor, is that
    what you’re noticing? To me that seems like an engineering choice Hyundai
    made so that the cargo area will have more clearance on top for taller
    cargoes so they dropped the floor down.
    I guess if you want a completely flat and flush bed, a pickup would be a
    better choice. 

  5. brion1800

    hey why has the “drive in circles in a parking lot” test been omitted in
    this review? if you had driven it in circles in a parking lot then it would
    have eventually run out of gas, and i think that is a serious flaw that
    should be mentioned!

  6. 1Stunna2323

    Tom’s review just doesn’t feel the same as his Driven YouTube channel.
    Where’s the soul? Where’s Evil Twin? Where’s the final thought at the end
    of every video? Where’s the heart? I get it. We all need to get payed.

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