Road Test: 2014 Mazda6

Road Test: 2014 Mazda6

The all-new Mazda6 gets the full SKYACTIV treatment. MotorWeek’s John Davis has the road test review of the 2014 Mazda6.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Road Test: 2014 Mazda6

  1. Brenley Forrester

    I just bought one for work. It’s a lot of fun to drive and I like the looks
    better than the Fusion, although I was looking at that vehicle as well. I
    bought it mainly for the fuel economy but the looks, and the added fun of
    driving it made it the winner. Still if you want more interior features
    with a lesser price tag, the Fusion is hard to beat with the current
    incentives Ford is offering right now. They had some good rebates and low
    APR’s if your credit is good.

  2. BimmerM5e39

    The Accord is my favorite, I like the manual but then again everyone likes
    automatics and the Accord has a CVT Honda is missing a huge part of this
    segment without a automatic 4 cylinder. Many are getting other cars like
    Camry and Mazda6 or even a Passat instead. I like the automatic also since
    the accord is not a RWD sports sedan but the manual still has a lot of
    potential with a Honda engine! 

  3. Snicker60515

    It takes seeing the interior on video to really appreciate how nice it
    looks. And this is the car that best expresses Mazda’s new design
    direction. It’s a GREAT looking car, too bad it’s so much slower than the
    Accord Sport, even the manual version still won’t break 7 seconds 0-60. But
    in exchange you get that bod, as sexy as the Fusion’s if not slightly
    better and great fuel economy. Nowadays you’re flush with choices over
    great mid-sized cars to choose from. But if you like anything resembling
    fun, avoid Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen, and the Koreans, even though the
    Koreans make damn fine looking cars as well. I love Motorweek!

  4. juan tafoya

    Since Ford owns Aston Martin they can use aston martin design on their cars
    also they own land rover at one time hence the ford flex design. When you
    spend billions to buy the brand it pays of to own the design rights, but
    the mazda 6 still looks better than the fusion. Zoooom Zoooooom

  5. ATLOffroad

    This Mazda looks better than the Fusion. Also after watching your Fusion
    test video, the Mazda has more overall interior room.

  6. Luvster G.

    Like the car with technology package, disappointed with the stereo system,
    does not sound that great for all those speakers.

  7. Maestro_T

    I think I’m going to disagree about the Fusion looking better; its back end
    is quite bland, although the rest is very nice. This has a sportier look

  8. 93remix

    nice looking car, but it’s a SNOOOOOOOOOOZER. no HORSEPOWER, just a pretty
    girl with no personality.

  9. Franz K

    the big Diesel? is it coming…. soon again…same story with the
    Mazdaspeed high performance version…coming even later

  10. Mazda of South Charlotte

    Mazda has made bold strides into the midsize market with the new Mazda6.
    Want a closer look? Check out this review from MotorWeek!

  11. KSS KSA

    Injustice to compare Mazda6 with Ford Fusion. I think every one who bought
    2014 Mazda6 has a sense of satisfaction for! Its time to have a RIDE in
    which you PRIDE 😉

  12. C4Lust

    I personally think VTEC sucks. It was cool in 1995, now it is just crap.
    You have to drive it like you stole just to make it move at all. Living
    above 5k rpm is just not practical for daily use. While I like the Accord a
    lot, and the new Sport trim the best, the Mazda6 does all/most things
    better than that car. And actually looks good while doing it…

  13. Thomas Devito

    I love the new mazda 6 it’s styling is just so much more sexier then
    fusion, accord, or camry. I have seen a lot of new 6’s out on the road.
    Whey to go mazda it’s a win win in my book

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