2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Start Up and Review 2.4 L 4-Cylinder

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25 thoughts on “2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Start Up and Review 2.4 L 4-Cylinder

  1. MJ4cars97

    Oh god, really?!… THERE IS NO 2.0L HYBRID xD not even rendered… only
    the 2.4l and 3.0l engines… you should correct that(at least from the info
    box)… Do our research a bit better next time.. Thanks for a vid of the
    2.4 tho. Oh, and technically, its smaller than a CR-V and Rav-4 in overall
    size, so its competition isn’t the Highlander… its the Rav-4… Actually,
    do a lot more research…

  2. aritehook4u

    Hey Cam, thanks for this vid. I’m looking at the Outlander, the Acura MDX
    and the Cherokee SRT for my next vehicle. Can you do a review on the
    Cherokee SRT?

  3. apiet56

    Just bought the 2014 Outlander,same exact model, except in gray. Both the
    Honda CR-V and RAV4 are smaller. They rate in size with the Outlander
    sport, which is smaller. Looked and drove the Honda CR-V, RAV4, Nisssan
    Rogue and the Hyundai Santa Fe and Tuscon. What made up my mind was the
    price with options, size, ride, handling and no blind spots, which other
    models had. I also liked the 5/60,000 bumper tot bumper and 10 year/100,000
    mile warranties. have had 2 prior Mitsubishi cars and never had one major
    problem with either one. They are way underrated on the consumer sites. But
    all in all very happy with the choice.

  4. SierraM363

    I just wanted to thank you for your review of the 14 Outlander. I purchased
    the Outlander to replace my trusty 99 4runner. I was already thinking about
    buying the Outlander but your review really helped me narrow my choices

    The other online reviewers would spend more time killing Mitsubishi than
    actually reviewing the vehicle.

    I agree with your score of 4.5/5.0 and I’m totally loving it right now.
    This is a completely under rated vehicle. I’m sure I’ll make good use of
    the 4wd feature during the New England Nor’easter s.

  5. Camerons Car Reviews

    Any time my pleasure, be sure to check out my review on the new 2014 Acura
    MDX thats coming within the next few hours.

  6. kronosdb

    What are you talking about? “the exterior looks like garbage. Worst design
    for the Outlander. Within 2yrs from now they will discontinue the Outlander.

  7. Jazket

    pfffffffffff haha! Love it when I read these comments lol… so sure of
    your assumptions are you not? 😛

  8. IndianBoyKen

    I hope Mitsubishi can stay in the U.S. The Lancer needs a redesign and the
    Galant needs a redesign also or a replacement. They should bring back the
    Eclipse with a smaller V6 or a turbocharged 2.0 liter 4-cylinder and cut
    some weight from it car itself. This Outlander is nice. I would buy one
    with the V6/6-speed automatic and S-AWC for the snow before my plans of
    transferring to a college in Toronto, Canada from here.

  9. Camerons Car Reviews

    Don’t worry, the new Outlander can be competed with cars like the Kia
    Sorento and the Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CR-V, but the new Outlander is in
    the grey area as far as Main direct competitors go, the Toyota Highlander
    can be a competitor as well. However, the Escape and the Toyota RAV4 are
    significantly smaller than this new 2014 Outlander and the Outlander offers
    a V6. The new Outlander Sport is very comparable to the CR-V and RAV4.
    Therefore the new Outlander is more of a midsize crossover.

  10. SierraM363

    Could you compare the interior quality of the outlander to the other small
    suvs (forester, crv, rav4..etc)? Is it better or worse? Thanks.

  11. Camerons Car Reviews

    Well it’s kind of love or hate it styling some people may love the look of
    it because it’s look somewhat like a Range Rover, however I’m one of the
    people who love the styling on the new Outlander, but I see where you are
    coming from it’s not as daring as it used to be in the design,

  12. Darryl Henry

    The Outlander Sport does not compete with the Rav4 nor CR-V. It does
    compete with the Buick Encore, Nissan Juke, and Subaru Crosstrek XV. The
    Segment of CUV that the Outlander Sport competes with is very small in the
    US, but its larger overseas. The Outlander does indeed compete with Rav4’s
    and CR-V’s, despite having 3 rows of seats. The outlander in no way
    competes with the Highlander or Sorento directly.

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