2015 Cadillac SRX Start Up and Review 3.6 L V6

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14 thoughts on “2015 Cadillac SRX Start Up and Review 3.6 L V6

  1. thevolfan615

    Why do you guys keep raving the engine up? Do you think it’s going to
    sounds different the 10th time? Also do you really think someone is going
    to purchase a SRX for the sound of the exhaust? I get it… I was 16 once
    also but use some common sense.

  2. MegaToe13

    i’m on my 6th caddy over the course of 25 years. have had 2 srx’s and have
    been very happy with them. looking to get the 15/16 soon.

  3. MegaToe13

    i’m glad gm finally realized the door locks are better on the door and not
    in the center of the dash

  4. brave warrior

    I like that you do a price range of the different models plus showing the
    window sticker , a great feature .

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