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2013 VW SUV Diesel Hybrid 89 MPG 300HP CrossBlue Commercial – 2015 German Cars TV HD Car TV Show

The Volkswagen CrossBlue is a concept diesel hybrid-electric mid-size SUV, intended to sit at the top of the VW SUV range, above the Volkswagen Touareg. The concept version of the car has six…

2013 VW SUV Diesel Hybrid 89 MPG 300HP CrossBlue Commercial Carjam TV HD Car TV Show

CARJAM TV – Subscribe Here Now www.youtube.com Like Us Now On Facebook: www.facebook.com For The World’s Best Car Videos Website: www.carjam.tv Radio www.rte.ie Twitter: www.twitter.com Youtube: www.youtube.com Volkswagen drove into 2013 with the CrossBlue, a midsize SUV concept model unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. This car is a B-SUV; a large vehicle without the seven seats which is what American buyers want. The CrossBlue diesel hybrid engine gets 89 miles to the gallon, the TDI motor combined with two electric motors supply the car 306HP and 516 pound-feet of torque sending the CrossBlue from 0 to 60 miles an hour in just 7.2 seconds for the top speed of 127 miles an hour. Visit www.vw.com for the latest news from Volkswagen cars. BlueMotion is a tradename for certain car models from the Volkswagen Group with an emphasis on higher fuel efficiency.[1][2] Volkswagen introduced the name in 2006 on the Mk4 Polo BlueMotion,[2][3] and in 2007 a version based on the current Passat was released. More recently, the technology has been used in SEAT’s models like the SEAT Ibiza or the SEAT León under the name ‘EcoMotive,[4] and in the Škoda Fabia and Superb, where the technology is called “GreenLine”. BlueMotion versions of the Golf Mk5 and Touran were released in 2008. The name refers to Volkswagen Group’s corporate colour, blue, with the word ‘motion’ added to denote mobility,[2] and echoes DaimlerChrysler’s BlueTec engines which are equipped with advanced NOx reducing