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2016 Honda Civic, Volvo Hybrid SUV Win Top Honors

2016 Honda Civic, Volvo Hybrid SUV Win Top Honors
DETROIT, Michigan, January 12, 2016 (ENS) – More than 50 international automotive journalists have named the Honda Civic and the Volvo XC90 hybrid SUV the official 2016 North American Car and Truck/Utility of the Year at the North American …
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Honda Civic Tourer Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

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Ford F150 and Honda Civic frontal crash test by IIHS

When large, truck-based SUVs collide with passenger cars or minivans, the results can be devastating for the occupants of the latter. But fatalities in such accidents are on the decrease in the United States thanks to measures employed by automakers. Traffic deaths are down 64 percent since the year 2000 due to changes in automobile design such as lower bumpers for SUVs and better-protect cabin cells for passenger cars. In 2000, the death rate for car and minivan passengers in collisions with trucks or SUVs was 44 deaths per million. That came down to 16 deaths per million by 2009. The study was conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a private-sector group based in Arlington, Virginia. “By working together, the automakers got life-saving changes done quickly,” said Joe Nolan, the institute’s chief administrative officer.
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Honda News- 2014 Honda Fit – Honda Fit 4×4, Rumors 2013 Honda Civic, FREE Honda Gear

2014 Honda Fit 4×4 or AWD? 2014 Honda Fit SUV? expanding its Honda Fit family. 2013 Honda Civic rumors. HondaPro Jason reviews it all. FREE Honda winter hat give-a-way (again) and of course the Fun Fact! Enjoy, learn, laugh and SHARE HondaPro Jason is one of the top car Salesman at Schaumburg Honda Automobiles in Schaumburg IL Do you like my intro music? Check out all the tracks here itunes.apple.com
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