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Consumer Reports’ Mike Quincy: Vehicle Tests | Connecting Point | Web Premiere

Consumer Reports Auto Content Specialist Mike Quincy & Jim Madigan discuss CR’s recent tests on the new Honda CR-V and Ford F-150, and answers a viewer quest…

2009-2010 Ford Escape – IIHS Crash Tests

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Front and Side Impact crash tests for the Ford Escape, as presented by Consumer Reports ______________________________________________ The Ford Escape received the following ratings in the IIHS’s crash tests: Frontal Offset: Good Side Impact (With Airbags): Good _______________________________________ iihs.org consumerreports.org
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Nissan's Teana Tests Chinese Willingness to Buy Japanese

Nissan's Teana Tests Chinese Willingness to Buy Japanese
By Bloomberg News – 2013-03-01T10:00:00Z. After protests erupted across China last year over Japan's nationalization of disputed islands, sales of Japanese-branded cars … Researchers at Bernstein say midsized sedans like the Teana are becoming a …
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Crash Tests Show Bumper Deficiencies

SelectPlusCrash Tests Show Bumper DeficienciesCrash Tests Show Bumper DeficienciesThe Associated PressThe Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is petitioning the federal government to unify bumper standards for all vehicles. (July 1)While these vehicles all share the road–they don’t share the same bumpers…. [Notes:show cars on the road (file)] (nats crash)The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety..is petitioning the federal government to regulate bumpers on light trucks —just as` it regulates those on cars.ADRIAN LUND/ President IIHS [Notes:SOT: in crashes bumpers are supposed to line up..but that doesn’t happen when an SUV crashes into the back of a car…]To meet federal rules — CAR bumpers must be at least 16 inches off the ground —but that’s not always the case for some light trucks …like SUV’s, pickups and vans…And according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety —-this is a real safety issue. To prove it, the organization conducted a series of crash tests.The tests involved 4 midsize SUVS striking the back of a typical midsize car…One of the vehicles…a Ford Explorer does a better job than the three others….. Hummer H3, Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Mitsubishi Endeavor….The Insurance Institute says –that’s because with the Explorer —the bumper is level with most midsize car….ADRIAN LUND/ President IIHS [Notes:SOT: the government has released ground clearance as an excuse for not changing these standards–but our tests show that you
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New roof strength tests

IIHS news release • March 24, 2009 Roof strength is focus of new rating system; 4 of 12 small SUVs evaluated earn top marks ARLINGTON, VA — The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is launching a new roof strength rating system to help consumers pick vehicles that will help protect them in rollover crashes. Twelve small SUVs are the first to be put to the test. Only 4 earn the top rating of good. The Volkswagen Tiguan has the strongest rated roof, and the Kia Sportage has the weakest among the 2008-09 models evaluated. Full text of release at www.iihs.org
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